I have been involved in Automotive Collision Repair Work for 36 yrs. I started out working with my Dad in a shop when I was only 14 yrs old, working after school and on weekends. Over the years I Managed Three Different Large Dealership Shops, worked as an Insurance Adjuster and have had my Repair Shop for the last 14 yrs. I have basically worked on wrecked cars and trucks all of my life and to this day I still enjoy fixing a vehicle back to how it was before the accident and seeing a happy customer after they see it completed.

Over the years from the late sixties till now I have dealt with all the major Insurance Companies and most of the smaller ones. Most everyone in the Insurance Industry in Arkansas know me and my reputation, some have even trained in my shop as to what it takes to actually do the repair process. We have built, over the years, a mutual trust in one another and know that what we say is what we do.

I do not consider myself in competition with anyone and am willing to help anyone whether they have their own shop or they are just the general public needing information or whatever, if I can help them I will.

My shop has one goal as I have always stated, CUSTOMER SATISFACTION, everything else including Quality is included in that one statement. Our employees know this is what we require and they live up to it.