In today’s Automotive Collision Repair Industry several Insurance Companies have initiated a program to help their customers expedite the claims and repair process. These programs are commonly referred to as a Direct Repair Program. Insurance Claims offices offer these as an option only and explain that it is only an added service to help the claim and repair process go quicker, but you do not have to use it you may take your vehicle to the shop of your choice.

I have worked, over the past several years, with several Insurance Companies that have this service. My shop is a Direct Repair Facility for several Companies now and has been for some time.

When a Repair Facility becomes a Direct Repair Facility for an Insurance Company there are several requirements that must be met before you can be on this program. The Insurance Company sends out a representative to inspect the shop and the shops equipment. They usually want a copy of your Garage Liability Insurance and Workers Comp Insurance to be sure you are properly Insured. You are required to have proper equipment to repair today’s modern vehicles and you must have proper training and experience. They check you from top to bottom not only at the onset but also from time to time during the year.

All the Companies that we are a direct for do it a little different but basically they are all the same. Overall they all work equally well and they all help the customer get their vehicle repaired faster and in my opinion better. Most all of the Direct Repair Programs give a Lifetime warranty which is backed up not only by the Repair Shop but also by the Insurance Company. For all the Insurance Companies I have been involved with in the past to now I would recommend their Direct Repair Program to everyone. They make the repair process easier to deal with for everyone.